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Frequently Asked Questions

Wallprinter UK is delighted to have been nominated for The Solutions Award 2019 (Solutions for Wide Format sponsored by Epson). If you would like to vote for us, please click on the logo or this link: VOTE HERE

We have put together some Q&A’s which will hopefully cover most queries you may have. If you can’t find the answer to what you are looking for, please do contact us an we will be happy to help!

Why wall printing?

Old-fashioned wallpaper and stick-on decals constrain customisation and creativity. Wall printing is easy to match with your existing interior style and also offers endless opportunities for personalising your decor or creating new and exciting, eye-catching features. Wall printing images remain bright and lustrous and do not fade, peel or crack with time.

What kind of surfaces are suitable for printing?

Wallprinter UK can print any design on indoor and outdoor walls in brilliant, durable, high-definition colour, whatever the texture of your surface: plaster, wood, stone, plastic, tiles, glass, metal, concrete and similar materials.

How do I get the artwork?

We have a working partnership with creative design and marketing company. Their creative team of graphics designers and illustrators will work with you to design effective and attractive artwork for your requirements, whether that be producing artwork containing logos and branding, photographs or customised artwork.  Alternatively, if you have created your own images – simply supply us with the artwork files.

What kind of ink is used?

Wall Printer UK uses a waterproof, scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant washable plastic-like UV ink that 95% cures on application under the integrated UV curing lamp. Complete curing is therefore much faster than with traditional heavy, solvent-based inks. Unlike traditional inks, there are no associated solvent fumes or chemical releases. The ink retains its quality for 3 to 6 years or more outdoor with a transparent UV coating, and 12 or more years indoors.

What’s the print resolution?

Depending on your image we print in 185×185 dpi, 370×370 dpi or 370×600 dpi, although generally we print everything at 370 x 600 dpi. Those numbers might sound small, but on the wall the result is awesome!

What are the image requirements?

Excellent quality print would depend on the size of the print and the surface that needs to be printed. We have successfully printed high-resolution images even from smartphones while ensuring images retain their quality. We can process and print any graphic image, sketch or picture, raster or vector, in AI, EPS, TIF, PNG, JPG or BMP formats.

I would like text & logos printed. Is this an issue?

Not at all! Our vertical wall printer can be ready in minutes and prints even small text and coloured logos next to and onto doors and hallways. The device is the ideal signing solution for any kind of office or in hospitals, hotels and many other facilities.

What is the maximum width and height of an image?

We can print an unlimited width on a vertical surface and up to 3.8 metres in height. However, for commercial structures with a higher ceiling, we are able to print conjoined images almost in unlimited height by using a scissor lift.

Can I have an image raised to first floor level?

To enable us to print images at a higher level we would need to construct a suitable platform which would incur additional costs. This would be priced per job.

I have just an old photo or paper template. Can I print it?

We have achieved fantastic results from a simple high-resolution flatbed scanner. The digital printing of old templates, drawings, sketches, photographs or paintings works wonderfully and the results are really outstanding. We can process your items for you if you wish.

I am tired of the print. Can I remove it or replace it?

Of course! On glass it can be removed with a ceramic field scraper or a razor blade. On most other wall surfaces a print can be painted over in two or three layers at any time, but with wood the paint can be removed by sanding, and with metal or bare concrete, sand or glass bead blasting may be necessary.

How much will it cost?

We currently charge £50 +VAT per square meter (smaller designs can be priced on application). We also charge £0.35 per mile return journey from EX32 0FG to your door.

How long will it take to print an image?

Our preparation is done off-site before arriving at your premises and there is normally an initial ten-minute setup on the premises before the actual printing can start. Printing can take just 30 minutes for a small image, or could be up to 4 hours for a 10 square metres image, but for larger images time is dependent on the size of the print.

What geographical area does Wall Printer cover?

Wall Printer UK covers the following areas:



Talk to us about how we can bring your wall, door, window or design feature to life!

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