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How it works

Wallprinter UK is delighted to have been nominated for The Solutions Award 2019 (Solutions for Wide Format sponsored by Epson). If you would like to vote for us, please click on the logo or this link: VOTE HERE

Wallprinter UK is pleased to introduce the UK’s brand new, innovative vertical wall printing technology. Wall printing is the perfect medium for interior designers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, sign makers, painters, decorators, artists and start-ups who need to make an impact and want to add drama to everyday spaces.

What is wall printing?

Wall printing is an absolutely new way to decorate any vertical surface. Instead of wallpaper or wall decals, Wallprinter UK offers a cutting-edge service of direct-to-wall printing, offering limitless opportunities for dramatic, stimulating, eye-catching decoration of walls in homes, offices, shops, cafés, hotels – any public or private space.

Using a specially designed German-manufactured printing machine and software, we create high-quality custom-designed wall murals printed on site within just a few hours.

A Wallprinter mural could be anything from a small, striking statement in an interior design scheme to an impressive, scrolling mural that unfolds to tell a story in a school or public space. Wallprinter images will not fade or peel over time. Note that the machine does not print white: if white is needed in the image then the surface will have to be pre-painted white or a light colour.

The Process

The vertical Wallprinter offers 600 dpi digital quality in CMYK colour, no matter what size the mural. Digital file formats include JPG, TIF and PNG. Wallprint paint is eco-friendly, and resistant to most detergents and chemicals, including acetone. It is hard, waterproof, scratch-resistant and washable, and is therefore perfect for environments such as schools and hospitals.

No preparation is needed as long as the surface is dry and free from flakes, nails, screws and holes. The equipment is assembled and positioned in just 10–15 minutes.

Odourless and quick drying
The printing machine is so quiet a normal conversation can be held while it’s in action, there are no odours or fumes, and no need to air the room. The print is 95% dry on application, and fully dry in 24 hours.

A 2 × 2 metre mural could be printed in as little as 30 minutes and can be printed while the room is in use, resulting in minimal disruption to your workplace or home. Multiple rooms can be printed in one session as the Wallprinter can be dismantled and moved quickly and easily.

Devon and Cornwall, Bristol, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Oxford, Bath, Reading, Chester, Cambridge, Cardiff, Leeds, Brighton, York, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nottingham, Southampton, Plymouth, Exeter, Canterbury, Bournemouth, Swindon, Swansea, Leicester, Blackpool, Hull, Peterborough, Norwich, Ipswich, Colchester, Southend-on-Sea


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